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The Challenge: How to have your business up and running within minutes after a natural disaster or getting infected with ransom ware of cyber attack?

Networking Products

Find out more about our Network Switches, Networking WiFi, or our Networking Appliances(DNA) and how they can protect your digital infrastructure.

Peace of Mind

This product comes with all our services at no extra charge. You'll have peace of mind when you realize that either after a storm of a cyber attack that you'll be running within minutes!

Over 30 years I.T. experience

Our Goal: Establish a defensive perimeter around your digital infrastructure!

Most data loses, natural disasters,  ransom ware attacks,  or any other cyber attack can take days, or sometimes even weeks to recover from. We want you back up and running in a couple of hours.

First, your data is backed up in several cloud locations so the chances of losing any data is extremely remote. If one of our data centers has issues, then we have your data stored in another location. Second, we not only have your data, but we have your applications and your operating system ready to use in case of cyber attacks or natural disaster. Every day we create a bootable login screen of your system. Your digital infrastructure is stored in the cloud and accessible to you when you need to access it.

That same image can then be downloaded and restored onto your computer hardware. You'll have everything you need to continue your business operations.


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Contact us now to set up a free evaluation of your system. We'll collect the necessary information on your system and prepare a service plan tailored for your business. If you have an I.T. staff we can work along side them to ensure your digital infrastructure is preserved through any event.